Our Programs

Student2Scholar is a tutoring and mentoring program based in Philadelphia that aims to change the state of education one student at a time. The two main programs are Our Journey to The Future Mentoring, and Student to Scholar Tutoring.

Our Journey to The Future

Our passion at Student2Scholar is to help those children who really need us most. There is no such thing as bad child, there are only children that need guidance. We strive to give young men the father figures they are lacking, and young women a strong female presence in their lives. But most importantly we are not that much older than them. We can relate but also share the knowledge that we have learned through our lives, dealing with the same struggles they do. We have the advantage of being able to connect with adults but also being close enough in age to the children we help for them to feel comfortable opening up to us. The love we have and the passion we have sets the foundation of how young people of color will be perceived. By using mentors from the community close in age to students in need, OJTF is a program that instills respect, in addition to other core values, that will support minorities to take pride in their culture and to succeed later in their lives. OJTF is currently working at Mastery Charter Shoemaker Campus and Freire Charter High School.

Student to Scholar Tutoring Program

Harnessing the power of high school youth, the Student to Scholar Tutoring Program takes students from privileged schools on the Main Line and teams them up with struggling students from Philadelphia and Coatesville to help them better achieve success. Using near peer relationships, the tutoring program focuses on students gaining a personal connection with other students to make everybody more comfortable and excited to learn. Student to Scholar tutoring has operated in Russell Byers Charter School, Zhang Sah’s Bainbridge Dojo,  Coatesville Kids to College, Mastery Charter Shoemaker Campus, and Freire Middle school. Most of our volunteers go to high schools on the Main Line, but we do have a few tutors from local colleges. While most tutoring happens face-to-face, we do offer an online service to help connect with students when transportation might hinder a face-to-face meeting. We feel it is important for students in privileged areas to realize what some of the students in their nearby neighborhoods are facing, and this program offers a great way for them to get insight into some of the struggles students live with, as well as a great opportunity to make a difference. Offering tutoring in reading, math, science, english, college prep, or anything else students might be in need of, Student2Scholar helps kids from elementary to high school have a better chance at success. Check out this feature by TETV about our tutoring program at Russell Byers Charter School : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgWJKkd1KSo


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