About S2S

Student2Scholar’s purpose is to balance the scales of the inequity in the public education system, where the supporting resources are directly proportional to the financial health of the respective community, using the power and passion of youth. With both a tutoring and a mentoring program, Student2Scholar’s goal is to create a program that instills respect, in addition to other core values that will support underserved students to take pride in their culture and succeed further in life.

We provide tutoring and mentoring on a reliable schedule using near-peer pairings both in person and online in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Our programs include sending students and mentors to schools, after-school care centers, and other youth-oriented facilities that are easily accessible, as well as an online element based on convenience.

We emphasize the importance of proper preparation for transitions between various levels of education. Programs target the transition between elementary and middle school, middle school and high school, and high school to college. Our proactive efforts intend to provide the following positive outcomes: keeping young students of color focused on their education, lowering the rates of violence and arrest conviction, increasing the rate of enrollment in colleges and universities among minorities, and graduate young men and women from high school and college and empower them to join the labor market and/or different businesses.

Mentoring and tutoring is conducted through a voluntary basis. Mentors and tutors will go through training to make sure that they qualify to be a part of the growth of the young men and women who are enrolled in the program.

The end result that we strive to achieve is for every student who comes through the program to gain a sense of love for learning and the support needed to increase the likelihood that a successful future is achievable. We want to motivate and push the youth to want to work towards excellence in all aspects of their lives and to let them know that setbacks can be a part of the process, but that they should never give up. We want to help these young children expand the rate of graduation from high school to get into college, and not only to obtain a college degree but also change the perspective of minorities, and the perception of them by others. By doing this, we will hopefully start a generational trend that will be much more positive than the current one.


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